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350% Sales Growth
22% Retail Price Increase
Study 1

Case Study 1


A U.S. manufacturer of premiere hosiery had unaddressed brand vulnerabilities that were crippling sales.


  • Perceived retail price lower than actual price
  • Content problems with parent-child linkage
  • Minimum exposure to new product styles


  • Created strategy to retake brand control and boost sales
  • Launched advertising campaign to increase exposure
  • Investigated all unathorized sellers



Retail Price Increase over 6 month period


Growth in year over year sales


Sales lift over a 6 month period due to advertising efforts

Study 2

Case Study 2


Outdoor equipment manufacturer needed solutions for increasing brand presence and sales volume issues.


  • Inaccurate listings – wrong pictures and description
  • Poor sales performance
  • No advertising strategy


  • Comprehensive product, identity and channel analysis
  • Optimized over 250 product listings
  • Engaged advertising strategy with partner, ROI Revolution



Sales growth over a 6 month period


Advertising sales lift over a 6 month period

Study 3

Case Study 3


A leading athletic apparel brand re-entering the marketplace had issues maintaining brand integrity and solving the challenges that had forced the them to terminate their previous relationship with Amazon.


  • Free fall of brand equity due to changes in perceived retail price
  • Unknown number/identity of unauthorized 3rd party sellers
  • Difficulty protecting content integrity


  • Implemented a new inventory management strategy utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon and seller fulfilled options
  • Optimized search and product listings for Amazon SEO
  • Tactical merchandising strategy based on full inventory and product listing audit
  • Leveraged SellerSight ™ toolset to identify and shut down unauthorized sellers
  • Reviewed and updated 1200 SKUs



Retail price increase over a 12 month period

$5 million+

In marketplace sales over a 12 month period


Sales lift over a 12 month period

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