Athletic Apparel Case Study

Continued Growth Both Online and Offline

A leading athletic apparel brand re-entering the marketplace experienced issues maintaining brand integrity and solving the challenges which previously forced them to terminate their previous relationship with Amazon.


Retail Bloom partnered with an athletic apparel brand and assisted them with re-entering the marketplace after previously struggling on Amazon. After investigating all of their listings, Retail Bloom found their brand image, awareness, and loyalty was negatively impacted as a result of inaccurate pricing. This brand was also challenged by the unknown number and identity of unauthorized third party sellers. Lastly, the brand’s content integrity was difficult to accurately monitor as a result of their lack of brand protection.

Athletic Apparel

Free fall of brand equity due to changes in perceived retail price

Unknown number/identity of unauthorized 3rd party sellers

Difficulty protecting content integrity


Retail Bloom assembled an extensive action plan for this brand once a comprehensive product and channel analysis was completed. Retail Bloom utilized Fulfillment by Amazon and seller fulfilled options to implement a new, more ergonomic inventory management strategy. Based on the full inventory and product listing audit, Retail Bloom was then able to put together a tactical merchandising strategy.

Once Retail Bloom reviewed and updated 1,200 SKUs as well as optimized over 250 product listings, their brand image became much stronger on Amazon. The final step of the action plan was to identify and shut down unauthorized sellers, by leveraging the exclusive SellerSight™ toolset. After only 12 months of this comprehensive action plan being implemented, there was an increase in both retail pricing and sales.

Implemented a new inventory management strategy utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon and seller fulfilled options

Tactical merchandising strategy based on full inventory and product listing audit

Reviewed and updated 12,000 SKUs

Optimized over 250 product listings

Leveraged SellerSight™ toolset to identify and shut down unauthorized sellers


492% Sales Growth in month 4 vs. Same Month Prior Year

2804% Sales Growth in month 12 vs. Same Month Prior Year

5x Sales Return due to Advertising Efforts

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