Outdoor Equipment Case Study

Increase Volume and Improve Profitability

Outdoor equipment manufacturer needed solutions for increasing brand presence and sales volume issues.


Retail Bloom partnered with an outdoor brand facing many challenges on the Amazon Marketplace. After conducting an analysis, Retail Bloom found their Amazon growth opportunity was hindered by their inaccurate product listings that displayed incorrect images and descriptions.

They were improperly categorized causing lower Amazon rankings and a confusing experience for customers which lead to low conversion rates. This aligned with no type of Amazon advertising strategy left the brand buried in the search results and unable to see their full potential.

Listing utilizing incorrect pictures and description

Poor sales performance

No advertising strategy


Retail Bloom executed an action plan to assist the brand with optimized listings, increasing sales, and engaging in advertising. Once a comprehensive product and channel analysis was completed by identifying the best strategy within client’s category, Retail Bloom optimized all product listings by creating enhanced content with SEO keywords, essential product information, and proper imagery to ensure customers were exposed to the proper information. Retail Bloom then implemented an advertising strategy to help drive traffic, boost sales, and improve rankings.

Comprehensive product, identity and channel analysis

Optimized over 250 product listings

Engaged advertising strategy with partner, ROI Revolution


Achieved 69% sales growth over a 6 month period

Generated a 45% advertising sales lift over a 6 month period

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