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  • Tax Management
  • Brand Protection
  • Content Management & Merchandising
  • Customer Service
  • Expansion & Syndication
  • Inventory & Fulfillment
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Reporting & Administration

Tax ManagementTax Management

Retail Bloom has the expertise necessary to manage your tax and reporting obligations with confidence. We are nexus experts. We collect, report, and pay sales tax in all states where Amazon houses your inventory.

Brand ProtectionBrand Protection

Unauthorized sellers and inconsistent pricing in the Amazon Marketplace make it very difficult to maintain and improve brand equity. Retail Bloom will protect and manage your brand presence with MSRP monitoring through SellerSight ™ ; our proprietary brand identity defense tool.

Content Management & MerchandisingContent Management & Merchandising

We will make sure your listings are as engaging and effective as possible. From your products’ pictures and sizes, to the descriptions, we will ensure everything is accurate and optimized for the marketplace. Our FeedSight™ technology then monitors all of our listings and alerts us if any changes are made.

Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Retail Bloom’s award winning Customer Service team provides a flawless experience for your customers’ online purchase questions, returns, and complaints. We also stand as direct contact for all of your Amazon headaches. No more waiting for unsolved tickets or constantly questioning Vendor Central Portal procedures and regulations.

Expansion & SyndicationExpansion & Syndication

Retail Bloom is an eCommerce life-cycle partner. We offer resources for each phase of brand development, from establishing your brand on the Amazon marketplace through international expansion and multi-channel syndication.

Inventory & FulfillmentInventory & Fulfillment

Partnering with Retail Bloom will end your shipping headaches. We pride ourselves in managing your products from the second they’re delivered to our facility until the time your products reach the end consumer.

Marketing & PromotionsMarketing & Promotions

Retail Bloom will make sure your brand is seen by the right consumers at the right time. We build a marketing strategy based on your needs, raise brand awareness, increase sales and target consumers within your product category, helping expose products that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

Reporting & AdministrationReporting & Administration

Retail Bloom collects and reports on information crucial to brand success; so you know exactly how our efforts are positively impacting your brand image and sales across marketplaces.

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