Inventory & Fulfillment

Retail Bloom provides brands with insight and expertise cultivated from over ten years of marketplace experience.

Inventory & Fulfillment

Partnering with Retail Bloom will end your shipping headaches. We pride ourselves in managing your products from the second they’re delivered to our facility until the time your products reach the end consumer.

  • Distinguish Amazon fees and sales
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for growth on the marketplace
  • Forecasting and demand planning managed by Retail Bloom to ensure proper inventory is available at all times
  • Fulfillment by means of Fulfillment by Amazon or Fulfillment by Merchant
  • Logistics management and label requirements

Get control of your business.

We provide all-inclusive services to brands, retailers, and distributors to drive your online marketplace sales.

We offer two basic service models:

Marketplace Account Management

3P/Wholesale Relationships


We have a proven solution.

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